I am strongly considering deleting this instance, since I generally use a public instance @ericflo and from what I can tell, nobody is using this one. On the off chance you are using this, please consider migrating to tinyfed, an actually maintained instance run by my brother @kevinflo

I really love the open source marketplace of ideas. Flow had every reason to be more popular, but TypeScript was better so it won.

Very interesting article going over the implications and game theory of 51% attacks. The section about "Scorched-Earth Counterattacks" blew my mind because I hadn't considered their possibility at all. blog.sia.tech/fundamentals-of-

If Moore's law is over, does that imply that eventually (could take a long time) ASICs will eat software, after software eats the world?

This is a great follow-up post about storing encrypted redundant data in Sia using the new low-level interface. I'm excited about possibilities this interface opens up. Cheap (due to competitive storage marketplace), secure, reliable object storage, etc. lukechampine.com/responsible.h

Today was a good reminder that paying for a product, even with a large sum recurring subscription, isn't enough to align your interests with a company's

This is pretty funny. I was looking for algorithms but maybe Google knows what I really need 🤣

I am honestly really looking forward to this Samsung event. At some point Samsung has turned into my favorite big tech company. In the consumer war between GAFA, Samsung has the incentive to interoperate, bridge walled gardens, and advocate for the user. news.samsung.com/global/invita

Radeon VII is a huge disappointment. Why would anyone buy it over the 2080? Same price, same performance, less features, more heat, 4 months later.

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OK, I was not expecting eye tracking to land this early in 2019. Foveated rendering! Bravo HTC 👏

I feel bad for (but am rooting for) HTC. They launched the Vive, a game-changer! But look at reactions on this reddit thread to potential new VR hardware from HTC later today. No hype, all suspicion. They have a long road back to the hype & hope highway reddit.com/r/vive/comments/ade

Medium's problem is charging a subscription to Medium, instead of charging a subscription to [publisher of beloved content on Medium]

It sure felt irrational continuing to buy ETH at 110, then at 105, then at 111 & 112, then 107, 106, then 92, 84, 85. It probably was irrational. Failed experiment for scammers tulip mania darkweb energy fiasco, right? But I know it & a few other crypto apps are the real deal⏳📈

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